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Watch Toy Story 4 Full Movie: Toy Story 3 featured a surprising departure of three stalwarts to the franchise, as Sarge and the other Army Men ended up leaving before they were thrown in trash bags (though Woody tried to assuage those fears). The Army Men’s whereabouts are still unknown, so ComicBook.com spoke to Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley and producers Jonas Rivera and Mark Nelson about what they are up to now and if they are still performing missions together.

“They split,” Rivera said, with Nelson adding “Which is hilarious. That joke killed me.” Cooley thinks the band is still together. “I like to think they’re out there doing missions. Somehow,” Cooley said.

“Busy somewhere,” Rivera said, with Nelson adding “Yeah, some big adventure. Same intensity. Everything they do.”

For Cooley, it was the Army Men that made an immediate impression on him. “That scene, that first scene in Toy Story when they’re doing a birthday party, that blew my mind,” Cooley said. “Kind of establishes Toy Story,” Rivera added.

I took the kids to see Toy Story 4 today. They loved it. So did I. I’ll say why later. But for now, I know people going will want to know if there are mid-credit and post-credit scenes, like they’re going to see a Marvel movie. And, well, yes, there are.

There’s a mid-credit scene that continues the story of the characters after the very emotional ending of the movie (no spoiler there, it is a Toy Story movie after all).

But then you will want to stay until the very end. Now the credits aren’t that long…. not compared to some. It’s always nice to see a list of babies born to people working on the movie while it was in production. It won’t be long until you get to the list of songs, the company logos and the big Disney Kingdom animation.

And then you get a tiny little post-credit scene revisiting a couple of characters in the movie and totally revisiting a scene that had left us hanging from the middle of the movie in a very, very satisfying fashion. You will feel better for it. And so will the kids.

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